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Hello. We are Unu. We do healthcare that makes you 😀

Unu brings together private healthcare, leading health tech & affordable health cover for the benefit of all, in one convenient app.
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We come to work every day to extend Africa’s life expectancy by one year. And then, beyond.

We built the Unu platform to change the way people access, pay for and experience primary healthcare. Because we believe that good health is at the heart of Africa’s productivity, prosperity and potential.

‍That’s why we’re on this journey

The facts that motivate us...

We learned

Africa’s life expectancy lags 10 years behind the global average.

We asked

How can we use technology to add just one more year of life as our starting point?

We learned

95% of our people rely on state healthcare.

We asked

How can we help alleviate pressure on the state system by using tech to improve capacity?

We learned

Our share of the global health spend in sub-Saharan Africa is just 1%, yet we carry 24% of the world’s disease burden.

We asked

How can we connect the best in innovation and drive investment through our platform?

We learned

'NCD's like diabetes & hypertension account for 74% of all deaths globally, of which 14.6m (86%) of premature deaths (under 70yrs) occur in middle & low income countries like ours.

We asked

How can we use health tech to drive easily accessed and early screening for NCDs?

If we increase life expectancy on
the continent by just one year...


Together we can increase GDP by 4%

This is our goal, because we know that without access to quality primary healthcare, individuals and families can’t thrive, businesses can’t grow, communities cannot flourish – and Africa cannot prosper.



Together we can improve quality of life

We know that access to quality primary healthcare empowers people to take control of their health, which means more people get to enjoy a better quality of life.


A team obsessed with one thing

To disrupt the healthcare status quo so that no one is left behind.

A picture of Tania Joffe, the Principal of Unu Health
Tania Joffe
Principal & CEO Unu Health

24 years experience leading customer facing delivery in financial services,
with a string of industry awards
recognising excellence.

A picture of Neil Kinsley, Head of business development
Neil Kinsley
Head of business development

27 years in various marketing, distribution, leadership and consulting roles, including CEO of telehealth startups Medici Africa and
AxessHealth Africa.

A picture of Lance Blumeris, Financial director
Lance Blumeris
Financial director

21 years’ core financial service experience dedicated to insurance. Prior broad strategic experience in life, non-life and brokerage businesses enables financial excellence within Unu Health.

A picture of Star Mkhize, Head of Marketing
Star Mkhize
Head of Marketing

Nearly 15 years of brand marketing, communications, and digital marketing experience, with a proven track record of driving impactful campaigns in various retail and financial services industries.

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