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Let's get Biz SA a whole lot healthier!

Good health is at the heart of good business. That’s why we’re bringing quality private healthcare, cost-effective health plans & convenient health tech to the workplace, so that your business & your people can thrive.
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Help your people
be healthier

Unu offers you a range of health insurance plans to choose from, with cover for day-to-day, chronic and in-hospital care. The easy-to-use Unu app delivers digital triage and treatment to your people, keeping them out of lengthy clinic queues.


Unu brings you

A wellness dashboard

Get a fully anonymised overview of your employees’ wellbeing, ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Meaningful data

Our predictive data provides you with meaningful insights to drive informed HR strategies and wellness initiatives.

Reduced absenteeism

Stop sick leave and absences from eroding your bottom line, through access to immediate digital triage, telemedicine and primary care.

Enhanced employee benefits

Attract and retain talent with affordable health plans and wellness programmes tailored to your workforce, with the option for your employees to add their dependants at their cost.


What does Unu do for your business?

Unu integrates HR and medical data to give you invaluable insights into the wellbeing of your people

Sick leave usage patterns

Absenteeism & sick leave trends

Employee biometrics

Risk profiles and wellness trends

App usage patterns

Absenteeism & sick leave savings

Benefits consumption

Average health score

Learn what sick leave costs your company and how your staff usage patterns tally with the industry average.

Understand how productivity levels shift with seasonal health challenges.

Drive talent acquisition campaigns off employee wellness data.

Help us make healthcare
accessible to everyone

Offer all your employees quality care and cover, no matter their income level.

Case study

Making a call on healthcare

Real-time ROI, reduced absenteeism, and renewed job satisfaction.

A national call centre who pride themselves on client service needed a healthcare solve to make sure their teams were cared for and committed. They piloted with 15% of their employees and saw real savings of 18% within the first year. Within just over a year, the CFO had moved the entire workforce onto the plan, confident in the ROI and the impact on the business.

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Look who we've partnered with!

Our partners have been carefully selected and, together, we are working hard to find more ways to make managing your health easy, accessible and affordable.

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Our promise to your employees

We’re committed to bringing quality & easily accessed healthcare to your people via WhatsApp, email, a phone call or in person, so they can own their health and thrive at work.

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Ready for healthier, happier employees?

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What does Unu do for employees?

With Unu ForBiz, you can get private healthcare cover for you and your loved ones, paid in part or in full by your employer.

UNU For Employees

Healthcare that makes you smile

The Unu app connects you to the medical care and medicines you need, anytime, anywhere, so that nothing holds you back at work. Paid in part or in full by your employer.


We made Unu so you can

Skip the queues. Get the care.

Chat to a nurse on WhatsApp 
or see a doctor in person at 
their practice.

Get a script. Collect near you.

Get a script on WhatsApp to show to your pharmacist & get your meds when you're ready.

See a doctor. No need for cash.

Get your medical care and medicine all included in your monthly medical 
insurance premium.

See a trained counsellor.
 For advice and support.

Get 24/7 telephonic support from trained legal, debt and mental health professionals.

Do a free health check. In just 50 sec.

Get your blood pressure level tested by doing a face scan on your phone.

Get emergency care. At a private hospital.

Choose a health plan that gives you emergency transport and casualty care in a private ward.

Do a free 50-second face scan & get key health info

See if you’re at risk for high BP

Get a heart rate or blood pressure screening each month via a 50-sec face scan on your phone.

Do a quick health check & see your health score

Get your health score into the green zone

Answer a few questions & do a 50-sec face scan so you can track your health & improve it.

Chat to a nurse or doctor on your phone

Skip the clinic queues with an online chat

Get an online consult, script & sick note with a GP, right from your phone, within 5 minutes.

Get a health plan with no hidden costs

Get daily, chronic & in-hospital benefits

See your health plan benefits on your phone so there are no hidden surprises or costs.

Unu brings SA a way to get a whole lot healthier

Help us make SA healthier, so that individuals, families and businesses can thrive.

Ready to lead a healthier, happier life?

With Unu ForMe, you can get quality private healthcare for you and your loved ones at a price you can afford.


Ready to join our broker network & make a difference?

With Unu ForBrokers, you can bring employees quality primary healthcare & help employers boost productivity levels.


Read our FAQs to see if your questions haven't already been answered.