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Unu makes private healthcare accessible for employees via their phones, removing the admin burden and increasing benefit utilisation and value. Partner with us & distribute the most innovative healthcare benefit ForBiz.

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What does Unu do for business?

Unu delivers quality healthcare, cost-effective health plans & cutting
edge tech to drive full employee coverage across the entire business.
Unu also provides:

Digital tools & cutting-edge tech

Unu empowers employees with a smart app that unlocks their medical benefits & puts a nurse at the end of a WhatsApp chat

A national footprint of reputable providers

Unu offers employees access to a national network of over 12 000 reputable nurses, doctors, specialists & pharmacies

Effortless onboarding & activation

We do it for you, accommodating both in-person and remote onboarding, and most phone types, from smart to feature

A data-driven employer dashboard

Unu offers employers predictive data & a 360° view into employee health patterns, to drive informed HR & retention strategies

Health screenings & preventative care

Unu provides easily accessed health screenings, both in-person & in-app, to help prevent lifestyle diseases

What cover does Unu offer?

The Unu platform offers plug-in health plans from as little as R121 a month,
accessed through an easy-to-use app.

Non-underwritten products

Employer medical self-insurance, administered by NHG for the benefit of employees only. 100% employer-funded, Minimum groups of 50.

Members don’t need to disclose their medical history and pre-existing conditions.

BeWell 101 from R121Entry level product that supports nurse and doctor chats, in-person GP visits, medication (OTC and prescription), and pathology.

BeWell 102 from R189All of the above benefits PLUS radiology Including 2D black & white maternity scans.

BeWell 103 from R279All of the above benefits PLUS chronic medication, optometry and  basic dentistry.

Includes unlimited 24/7 telecounselling for emergencies, trauma & mental health, credit & debt, and legal


Disclaimer: The BeWell solution is not an insurance policy as defined by the Insurance Act 18 of 2017 or a medical scheme benefit option as defined by the Medical Scheme’s Act 131 of 1998, but is an employer self-funded solution provided and administered by National Health Group (Pty) Ltd (NHG), (the Solution). Please refer to the supporting document to read the full Solution terms and conditions, and the features and benefits of the Solution

Medical insurance plans

Retail and flexible employer funding options, voluntary or compulsory employee participation, with the option of adding dependants. Waiting periods and exclusions apply.

Standard Bank Golden Hour from R165Two in-person GP visits per year, OTC and prescription medicine for R1 500 per year, and accident-related hospital cover.

Standard Bank Primary Standard from R399Comprehensive primary healthcare including GP visits, optometry, dentistry, pathology and radiology PLUS chronic medicine.

Standard Bank Primary Standard with Hospital from R559Comprehensive primary healthcare as per Primary Standard health plan PLUS accidental and illness- related hospital benefits.

Includes unlimited 24/7 telecounselling for emergencies, trauma & mental health, credit & debt, and legal

Mobile phone

Disclaimer: The Standard Bank exempted demarcated products are underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (FSP 43638), an Authorised Financial Services Provider and licensed non-life Insurer. These products are administered by National Health Group (Pty) Ltd (NHG), a registered Managed Care Organisation (MCO110) and Administrator (ADMIN72). They are not medical schemes, and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. The policies are not substitutes for a medical scheme membership. Premiums are subject to annual review. Terms and Conditions apply.

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What are people saying about us?

Here’s what SA’s employers are saying about Unu.

Christie Liron

Energy at work

"Energy at work is all about the people. What really made me choose Unu Health for our employees is the ability to partner with us."

Shayne Nicolas

Energy at work

"Having affordable primary health care for your employees where they are actually valued and looked after eliminates that down-time of the employee."

Andrew Marshall

Marquis Finance

"I think it’s affordable to the employer, so from a cost / benefit point of view it makes a huge amount of sense."

Faheema Sheik

Energy at work

"Unu Health is cost effective number one, and it is user friendly to the employee."

Shona Selley

Marquis Finance

"We have seen an improvement in overall health and overall state of mind."


Energy at Work

"The Unu app has saved me time and money because I don’t have to get up extra early in the mornings, take public transport, and go stand in the long queues."


Marquis Finance

"With Unu App, there is no co-payments when you collect your medicine at the Pharmacy."

Bring your clients reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity & added value

Be part of the drive to deliver quality healthcare to all, so that businesses can grow and people can thrive.

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Unu brings SA businesses & their people a way to thrive

Help make SA a whole lot healthier, by bringing benefits to both individuals & businesses.

Ready to lead a healthier, happier life?

With Unu ForMe, individuals and their loved ones can get Unu As-You-Go services and pay only for the care they use.


Ready to help businesses & their people get healthier?

With Unu ForBiz, employees and their loved ones can get private cover, paid in part or in full by their employer.